Tourism or Work visa

Germany Visa for Non-US Citizens

In order to enter and stay in Germany for tourism, business, work, study, or family visits, foreign nationals must obtain a visa. Issued by the authorities of Germany, a visa is a document that grants permission to enter and remain in the country for a specific purpose and duration.

German Visa for Non-US Citizens

Term for obtaining a visa

From 1 day to 30 days after your request to us

For Non-US citizens only

Must have valid U.S. visa or a permanent resident

All inclusive

Prepare papers and make an appointments

Tourist Visa

from $150
Consult befor apply
Fill out all forms
Make an appointment

Work visa

from $250
Consult before apply
Fill out all forms
Make an appointment

Others type

from $500
Consult befor apply
Fill out all forms
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thank you and your team, the visa was opened for 6 months, tell me where to write a review, I will recommend you to a friend)))) Thank you for your help))))
Hello, thank you so much for your work.
The documents were prepared very quickly and efficiently, and also promptly recorded for submission. Last Tuesday I submitted documents, and yesterday I already received a visa for a year. Thank you so much again, I will recommend you to my friends)
Everything is super duper!
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How we will work with you

Few steps and you will get your visa

Consultation and selection

To help determine the appropriate type of visa and ensure the longest possible validity period based on your visa history, we request that you provide your some details to our travel manager

Preparation and appointment

We will schedule you to submit your prepared documents to the visa application center or embassy and notify you via instant messenger or phone when you have been signed up for submission and your documents are ready.

Apply documents

After paying for our services, you get the finished package of documents via email and go to apply your documents in visa center or embassy. After 7-14 days, you can either pick up your passport with the ready visa from the visa center or embassy in person or have it delivered to you via courier.

Frequently asked questions

Only in cash, payment by card, money order or cashier’s check

• One completed Schengen visa application form and declaration of accuracy of information and one recent passport size photograph (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
• Applicant’s valid passport and one copy of the details page. Please pay attention to these important rules regarding your passport:
(a) Its validity must exceed the duration of the intended stay in Germany by at least 3 months
(b) It must contain at least 2 blank pages
(c) It must have been issued (not renewed!) within the last 10 years
• Recent proof of the applicant’s current residence in the United States (such as a utility bill) and one copy of it
• Original of a valid U.S. Alien Registration Card or valid U.S. Resident Visa (Type A, E, F plus approved I-20, G, H, I, J plus J1, L, O, R document) and one copy
• Letter of Employment/Student Status/Unemployment/Retirement Letter/confirmation, which must be the last one, signed in original and one copy. If you are self-employed: business license + latest tax return and one copy.
• Confirmed flight (round-trip) / travel booking and full itinerary (if multiple Schengen countries will be visited or if the trip covers multiple Schengen and non-Schengen countries) indicating the name of the passenger and one copy
• Proof of sufficient means of subsistence for the intended trip, recent bank statements for the last three months (bank statements must include the owner’s name and address). We can’t agree to a ride
Cash cards or cash as proof of sufficient funds.
• If you are receiving financial support from your spouse/other family member (you are not self-employed), please also provide your marriage certificate/proof of relationship and a copy of their passport details page, their bank statements and work certificate. In addition, the person paying for your trip must sign a letter stating that they will sponsor you.
• Health insurance of at least €30,000 valid for all Schengen countries, including medical treatment, medical evacuation and medical repatriation back to the US, and repatriation of the remains of the deceased. Only confirmation of insurance is accepted, no letters from the employer. Insurance must be issued either in the US or in Germany.

Fees – 80 euros (payment in dollars)

Gives the right to:
stay on the territory of Poland during the period of stay and the validity period for which the visa was issued;
for movement on the territory of the other states of the Schengen zone, limited in time to 3 months during the half-year;
In accordance with Regulation EC No 265/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council amending the Executive Schengen Convention and Regulation (EC) No 562/2006 concerning the movement of persons holding long-term visas:
D visas give the right to travel through the Schengen area for three months in each half–year – similar to stay visas.
EU member States can issue D visas with a maximum validity period of one year.

Yes, of course, you can travel to all Schengen countries. This type of visa allows you to stay on the territory of all the countries of the Schengen Agreement and move freely through them.

From 15 days to 5 years

After submission, we expect 7 days.

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